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You are exposed on a motorcycle in a way that leaves you vulnerable to serious injury if you are hit by a car or truck. Motorcycles crashes can leave people with life-changing injuries such as head, back and neck injuries, loss of vision, permanent scarring or chronic pain.

Nicholas A. Balland, Attorney at Law, has a history of obtaining significant settlements and verdicts for his motorcycle accident, bike crash and personal injury clients. Call 703-522-0597 to discuss your case. Contact our office online.

Police often place the blame on the motorcycle rider, when it fact, the cause may lie with a dangerous road condition or a defective equipment design. Insurers are also not looking out for you. They are concerned with settling your claim for the least amount possible before you speak to a lawyer.

I have represented people injured in motorcycle accidents since 1978. I use my legal knowledge and understanding of how accidents can happen to fight for your rights. I understand the difficulties you may face in needing to file a disability claim or seeking the medical care that you require in order to begin recovering from your injuries.

I have obtained multimillion-dollar compensation packages for personal injury victims and substantial recoveries for motorcycle accident victims throughout a career spanning over 40 years. Do not settle with an insurance company until you speak to an attorney who can help discern whether their settlement is in your best interest.

In motorcycle accidents of two or more vehicles, the car or truck driver caused two-thirds of the accidents, according to the “The Hurt Report” on motorcycle accident cause factors. Most of the drivers at fault say that they just did not see the motorcycle.

Fighting for Your Right To Recover Full Compensation for Your Injuries

When insurers see me coming, they know that I will not back down and that I will not settle for anything less than that what is due to you under the law. You have a right to live a stable life. Call 703-522-0597 or contact my Arlington, Virginia office by e-mail to arrange a convenient time to discuss your situation.

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