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Truck Accidents Can Cause Serious Harm

Trucks are regulated by both state and federal law to help keep drivers as safe as possible. When accidents happen, you need to get the help you need right away. Part of that help includes speaking to a knowledgeable experienced truck accident attorney. I will advocate where you cannot.

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I Can Help You Seek Maximum Compensation

The law cannot prevent you from getting hurt, but it can be used to seek maximum compensation for the injuries and suffering that you experienced. As your lawyer, I bring more than 40 years’ experience and extensive knowledge of personal injury law, including 18-wheeler and tractor-trailer crashes and a tireless passion to help make things right to your case.

If necessary, I will help you seek the appropriate medical treatment during those important months after the accident. I can help you secure any immediate advances you may need from your health insurance to take care of economic issues that may arise during your recovery.

Zealous And Smart Investigation Of The Accident

I will listen to the facts of your case and start investigating immediately on your behalf. Depending on your particular situation, this investigation may include:

  • Securing the trucker’s log and reviewing inspection dates and whether the truck or its driver had any known issues
  • Determining whether the trucker was legally on the road and was carrying a legal load
  • Determining whether the trucking firm was so focused on delivery deadlines that they neglected the rules of the road

In my work as an attorney, I see many people who have been permanently disabled or disfigured because of a semi-truck accident. I see the grieving family members who have lost a loved one in wrongful death. I see just as many insurers who are unwilling to give that person or that family the compensation that they are entitled to by law.

Get Help If A Truck Accident Caused You Harm

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