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Facing A Threat To Your Professional Future

Most of the time it starts with a suspension, or termination from employment or a complaint from a patient, your supervisor, or a colleague. The next thing that occurs is you receive a communication from the Department of Health Professions Licensing Board to respond to an investigation or to attend a hearing to review your professional license.

Protecting Your Health Care License

There is only one concern: Maintaining your professional license, not getting a license suspension and avoiding a sanction for violations. I will use my experience, legal resources, and knowledge of professional review board procedures and an aggressive defense strategy to obtain the outcome you desire. I have represented doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, social workers, therapists and all other licensed health care professionals in Virginia and D.C. I have attended many hearings before the board in Virginia and D.C.

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As an attorney for 39 years, I have aggressively defended many board-certified individuals whose license to practice their livelihood has been threatened. I know the laws and procedures governing the licensing boards in Virginia, and the District of Columbia. I will seek to help you avoid any and all sanctions. Get in touch by calling 703-522-0597, or by sending me an email today.