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What happens if the driver who hits you has lapsed insurance?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Personal Injury

Driving is necessary for most professionals and those with families, but it is very expensive. The purchase price of the vehicle, the registration fees and the insurance can overwhelm some people’s budget.

There are those who simply cannot pay all of their household expenses and fail to pay their car insurance bill each month. There are also people who intentionally cancel their policies after they register their vehicles.

Despite Virginia laws requiring insurance, there are people out there without coverage. Based on 2019 statistics, roughly 10.5% of drivers in Virginia don’t have insurance. You have approximately a one in ten chance that the driver who caused your crash doesn’t have an active policy that will cover your losses. What happens if one of those drivers causes a crash with you?

Your policy can cover what theirs won’t

Virginia only requires basic liability coverage, although the state has recently increased the minimum amount of coverage people have to carry. Basic levels of insurance coverage will double by 2025, which will help those seriously hurt in a wreck. Drivers also have the option of adding extra coverage to their policies.

If you pay for uninsured motorist protection, you likely have the same amount of protection if an uninsured driver hits you as you would have from liability if you were the one who caused the crash. You can make a claim against that coverage for property damage losses and any injuries you suffer.

Your supplemental coverage will protect you, but you will likely pay more for insurance after making such a claim. Instead of using your uninsured motorist coverage or after making a claim, you may want to pursue a lawsuit against the driver who hit you.

Personal injury lawsuits can cover your losses

A successful personal injury claim could compensate you for lost wages, vehicle repair costs and hospital bills, along with any other provable expenses directly related to the crash. Those who have evidence of someone else’s negligence or misconduct can potentially take that party to court and secure a judgment for the damages they incurred.

Learning more about insurance and personal injury laws can help those trying to rebuild their lives after a motor vehicle collision in Virginia.