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3 reasons a healthcare professional’s license could be at risk

On Behalf of | May 6, 2024 | Uncategorized

Physicians, registered nurses and other medical professionals in Virginia have to obtain a license to work. Professional licensing in the medical industry requires years of education and often difficult testing. Once someone has obtained their professional license, they likely hope to keep it until they plan to retire. Some people retire but retain their licenses for a few renewal cycles by engaging in continuing education in case they decide to go back to work part-time. All of those options can disappear in an instant when someone faces disciplinary action related to the professional practice of medicine.

Licensing boards for nurses and physicians in Virginia can theoretically strip someone of their ability to practice medicine. The following are some of the more common reasons that licensed professionals could be at risk of losing the professional licenses that make their careers possible.

Criminal convictions

A background check is typically necessary to obtain a state license. Certain types of criminal offenses, including drug crimes and violent offenses, could impact someone’s eligibility for a professional license. The rules for licensed professionals require that they disclose convictions after they occur. Even if people fail to notify the board that issued their license about their charges, a background check when they renew their license the next time could uncover the issue and lead to penalties.

Patient or coworker complaints

It is possible for members of the public to directly submit complaints about unprofessional behavior and other types of misconduct to the boards that oversee the medical profession in Virginia. Should the licensing board investigate and substantiate the concerning allegations made against a professional, that professional could be at risk of losing their license as part of disciplinary efforts.

Substance abuse challenges

Substance abuse is a common issue in the medical field. Nurses and physicians work very demanding jobs that can put a lot of strain on their personal relationships. They also have easy access to potentially addictive substances due to their profession. Given the potential for access, concerns about substance abuse can quickly lead to licensing consequences if a professional does not respond appropriately.

Anyone who is accused of violations that put their license at risk can potentially defend their professional future by attending a disciplinary hearing. Having a lawyer present is typically an option that could help someone improve their chances of retaining their license despite the current controversy. Having the right support can make a major difference for someone who needs to protect their medical license. Those who respond assertively to disciplinary issues can potentially prevail and maintain their careers.